Vehicle Selection
The right inventory at the right price

Until recently, dealers traditionally bought cars more or less based on budget, and some canny yet experienced guesswork about what should sell in their market. The risk, of course, is that the “golden gut” can be unreliable, ultimately eliminating the dealer from contention. Today, the very best dealers are managing both their New and Used selection process using vehicle inventory management tools, like the ones provided by vAuto, to help them determine the vehicles that will best sell in their specific market. For Used car dealers, these tools provide real-time, local market supply-and-demand data to make better acquisition, appraisal, pricing and merchandising decisions. For New car dealers, they combine live market data with incentive management.
Good Practices
  • Used car manager leads vehicle selection
  • Inventory management tool generally used
Better Practices
  • Inventory management tool, store & market data used
  • Disposal plan for trade vehicles
  • New car ordering is as strategic as used car acquisition
  • New and/or used car managers responsible for product mix
Best Practices
  • New car ordering assesses competitor inventory and future demand
  • Inventory management tool & market data used to set buy/order lists
  • Leverage free search and receive saved search notifications
  • Strong understanding of vehicle specifics, including turn rate and market-days supply
  • Ongoing review of vehicle selection efficacy and efficiency
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