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The era of waiting for a truck to be fully loaded before it hits the road is over because of its effect on holding costs. The best dealers pay for speed and reliability, actually tracking the time from when a vehicle is purchased to its delivery at the dealership. The acquisition specialist or team handles transportation, ensuring that reconditioning status, scheduling and parts are on hand once vehicles arrive at the dealership. To improve transportation efficiency, dealers are using national transportation companies, such as Ready Logistics and CentralDispatch, with access to a vast network of carriers for door-to-door delivery.
Good Practices
  • Transporters sourced via Internet
  • Selection based on speed & cost
  • Track & monitor speed to delivery
  • Include transportation quotes as part of your total acquisition cost
Better Practices
  • Acquisition team secures transportation
  • Selection based on speed, reliability, quality & cost
  • Optimizes loads with a centralized provider
  • Minimizes risk by ensuring preferred carrier is compliant for insurance and safety ratings
  • Speed to market monitored closely
Best Practices
  • Pay-for-speed & reliability focused
  • Expands buying radius by using online channels
  • Reconditioning status, scheduling & parts ordered
  • Avoids "full-haul focus" if it delays high-demand cars
  • Leverages technology integration to inform a more efficient transportation process
  • Sets transportation preferences during the post-purchase process
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