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Once a more leisurely aspect of the sales process, efficient reconditioning is critical to maximizing profit. Best practices for successful dealers today include a recon specialist or team whose responsibility is to move 85% of their vehicles through recon in less than 24 hours. What that entails is having a specific process to address customer-pay vs. used car reconditioning work as well as ensuring the most commonly used parts are always on hand and setting up a baseline cost without need for approval. Another best practice is to get vehicles sell-ready before they even leave the auction.
Good Practices
  • Often handled by used car manager
  • Technician selected because of quality & speed
  • Centralized handling to help lower costs, improve speed & quality
Better Practices
  • Vehicle reconditioning manager handles in conjunction with used car manager
  • Internal- and customer pay rates are level-set
  • Parts kits & other typical parts always on hand
  • Exception-based oversight
Best Practices
  • Recon team reports to GM, focuses on recon only
  • 85% of cars through recon in <24 hours
  • Vehicle recon list provided (repairs made, services updated, recalls handled) to consumers to underscore value of recon work
  • Recon cost benchmarks used for vehicle acquisitions
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