Your Front-End Fundamentals journey starts here

Powered by multiple devices and limitless access to information, today’s “always on” consumer is compelling automotive dealers to recalibrate their business model. More and more, profit margins are wrapped up in information exchanges. Universally, car shoppers want a better, more customized, integrated experience that moves seamlessly between the online and offline worlds. For dealers, this is going to mean radically reshaping your front-end processes into a leaner, more efficient operation.

In order to better understand what defines operational excellence, Autotrader examined 20,000 dealerships on its website to discover which ones were the highest performers in terms of driving customers to their virtual experience.

Using these results, Autotrader commissioned a third party to conduct a qualitative analysis of these dealerships, which then identified eight fundamental areas of dealership operations that drive a sale: vehicle selection, acquisition process, transportation, reconditioning, pricing, photos & video, descriptions and customer handling. These front-end fundamentals are the areas in which a dealer has the opportunity to optimize operations, thereby differentiating and elevating their business over the competition. It’s important to note that while none of the dealers evaluated excelled in all eight areas, all of them executed these functions better than other dealers in the study.

To capture growth and remain competitive, executing these front-end operations are critical to building an infrastructure that will sustain you in this rapidly evolving landscape, ensuring you’ll be able to focus on new ways to connect with sophisticated consumers and deliver the experience they expect.