Tell them what will sell them

There is indisputable proof that dealers who merchandise their vehicles well online and get them online as soon as possible are more likely to influence and engage consumers. In addition to photos and videos, best practice dealers create customized, customer-centric descriptions for every listing. Void of a VIN explosion, these descriptions speak to lifestyle, unique features, financing options and warranties. Many of these dealers use marketing and merchandising tools like HomeNet, and VinSolutions to facilitate the process.
Good Practices
  • Mileage & condition
  • Boilerplate copy
  • VIN explosion plus brief info
Better Practices
  • Consumer-centric language (how features fit lifestyle, etc.)
  • Unique features of vehicle explained
  • Package features explained, no VIN explosion
Best Practices
  • Customized content that appeals to lifestyle; vehicle history report
  • Third-party validation
  • Description-writing tools used to increase efficiency
  • Certifed, financing options, warranty
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